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What is a person to do when one's mortgage becomes too expensive? For many people, the only alternative to foreclosure is modifying the mortgage to make it more manageable. If this sounds too good to be true, you probably haven't heard of flexible rate mortgages and other mortgage deals. There are a variety of ways for people suffering under economic strain to make their house payments more manageable.

The most popular way for homeowners to reduce their mortgages legally and without repurcussions is flexible rate mortgages. These schemes modify the terms of a mortgage so people can overpay or underpay without any kind of penalties. This means that homeowners can pay as much or as little as they need, even skipping a payment if their economic situation demands. For many people, this can be the difference that allows them to keep their homes.

There are several advantages to flexible rate mortgages and other mortgage deals. First, there is the obvious benefit of being able to pay according to your ability. You can take longer than planned to pay off your mortage if needed, or you can pay the whole thing off early and be done with it. Flexible rate mortgages usually make it easy to borrow against money paid. Last, most flexible rate mortgages allow homeowners to change their mortage without penalties. For many homeowners, this makes a flexible rate mortgage an unbeatable deal.

However, there are disadvantages to flexible rate mortgages and other mortgage deals as well. Many people will find it tempting to make the smallest possible payment, which can make the period of the loan even longer. Also, flexible rate mortgages are subject to the Bank of England base rate, which can mean one's mortgage rates will fluctuate widely.

The exact terms depend on your lender; some place certain restrictions on payments, while others are completely flexible. Some allow homeowners almost unlimited access to their funds for loans, while others make it more difficult to borrow against the money already paid. It's important to find out about these regulations before signing the paperwork. For many people, however, flexible rate mortgages are the flexible, gentle mortgage plan that allows them to buy a home without pain and sacrifice.

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